Earn $150K For $100 Million Of Work | Double Diamond Investment

For over 30 years, we’ve helped contractors earn income from an unlikely source: their retainage.

Our considerable expertise has given over 100 contractors nationwide the confidence to work with Double Diamond.

If you are a contractor with at least $50 million in work, you’re likely a good candidate.

Double Diamond is at the forefront of this business and may be the contractor's only retainage substitution advocate. Here's why:

  • We’ve had the law changed in both Kansas and Florida to allow for retainage substitutions.
  • We’ve gotten New York City to agree to direct rollover of retainage
  • We’ve streamlined the retainage substitution process in New York
  • We’ve worked with many states so the contractor may choose the escrow agent

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 * Assuming a 2% investment return over a 3 year period. Investments are in high-quality bonds with no guarantee of results and the possibility of loss.

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