"We have worked with Andy for 18 years (as of 2021). He is terrific in every way. His advice is effective and wise (he's the opposite of a market-chaser). His and his staff's emphasis on prompt, clear and complete communication is exceptional. They took the lead on online security and privacy before these were common practices. They are also incredibly hard-working, diligent and detail-oriented, often to a shocking degree. And now that our children are of age to start taking some responsibility for their own finances and investing, Andy's direct guidance and support for them ensures that our entire family will be working with Double Diamond for a long time."

- Joe A.

"We have been clients of Andy Bodner for over 20 years. What sets Andy and Double Diamond apart is the commitment to personalized service. Andy and team know what our goals are and customizes our strategy specific to our needs. He keeps a good focus on risk and setting realistic expectations. As our needs have changed over the years, Andy and Double Diamond have evolved and refined that strategy. He challenges us when he feels we are doing things counter to our interests. He has the independence to offer a wide variety of options. We are very satisfied with Andy and Double Diamond and recommend him for clients that are seeking personalized service."

- Andrew and Marci A.

"Andy and I have been together for over 36 successful years. He is always available to me and answers all my questions. Andy always makes sure he calls on a regular basis. I am very pleased with my financial situation."

- Carole S.

"If you are lucky enough to find Andy Bodner, I can emphatically say, you do not have to look any further for a Financial Adviser/ Money Manager, Trustworthy Friend. I have had the good fortune and pleasure of Andy and his expertise for over 20 years before he was Double Diamond Investment Group. LLC. He is ALWAYS able to answer my questions, ALWAYS available for needed advice, And ALWAYS available for help with life and goal decisions. Andy NEVER brushes off my concerns. He is simply the Best."

- Arlene D.

"My parents used Andy Bodner as their financial advisor for as long as I can remember. Upon their passing Double Diamond was fantastic in helping me clear up their estate. Continually going the extra yard. Since then I have used Andy as my advisor and he tailored my portfolio perfectly, very easy to work with and usually exceeds expectations. I highly recommend Double Diamond"

- William Z.

"Andy has been my & my daughter's financial advisor for over 20 years. In that time my financial priorities have changed several times. Each time, Andy has responded with investment strategies that have met my objectives. He contacts me several times a year to review my account & always responds promptly to requests. I trust & recommend Andy.""

- Louis V.

"Andrew Bodner has been my financial advisor for over 12 years. I came to Andy during some very trying times, both financially and personally. He was helpful in many ways. Unlike the large financial institutions I had been with previously, I am not just a faceless numbered account. I can always reach him, day and night; he individualizes my investments based on my needs and risk tolerance; and he has a calm and steady presence in an unprecedented investment environment. He is someone who actually cares. He also handles my sons' investment portfolios which has been a wonderful benefit as they begin to navigate their financial independence."

- Janie S.

"Andy has been working as a financial advisor and consultant for me for over 15 years. I manage a domestic hedge fund and four family accounts. Andy has always been hard working, professional and ethical and extremely helpful to me in everything we do together. He is extremely intelligent, listens very well, and takes the time to understand what I need done. I heartily recommend Andy as a financial advisor for any type of account."

- Howard S

"Andy has been my financial advisor for well over 20 years. Andy calls many times a year with updates and advice to help me achieve a comfortable retirement."

- Tracy V

"I have been working with Andy for a number of years and find him to be very honest and has always kept me informed and has always answered any questions I have had. He also has prevented me from taking more of a risk than I should have. I have been very satisfied with Andy and his team at Double Diamond and would certainly recommend them for anyone looking for personalized service. "

- William G.

"We have been clients of Andy Bodner for over 22 years. What I think is special about Double Diamond is that it is Andy. It is Andy who calls and stays in touch throughout the year even if you don't call him. Whether I need a quick response or not he and his staff's level of quick and professional attention is always very satisfactory. I am very pleased with his investment results and have over the years recommended him to friends and family."

- Robert P.






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